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The 10th General Assembly meeting of EEPNA, March 30th 2017

With the financial support of European Union under CSF II Program and Technical support of TAU, the national umbrella institute of older people, Ethiopian Elderly and Pensioners National Association (EEPNA), is becoming a vibrant institution in advocating for the right and wellbeing of older people of Ethiopia. The EU funded program enabled EEPNA to strength the national hub institutional capacity and its regional chapters, link the youth with senior citizens through facilitation of intergenerational knowledge transfer sessions, undertake success policy influencing advocacy and lobby events, equipped older people Association leaders and partners with leadership, management, social protection and social accountability skill and knowledge, facilitated different dialogue forums and enhanced partnership with media and different networks. This support enabled EEPNA to actively participate in socio-economic and political development of the country voicing for the right and entitlements of older people.  

Accordingly on March 30th 2017,With the financial support of EU under CSF II phase II program, EEPNA successfully conducted the 10th General Assembly meeting at MOLSA meeting hall at presence of 74 people represented from all 11 Regions Older People Associations, Care and support network members, NationaSister Associations, EEPNA partners, different Ministerial offices and Medias. The guest of honor of the meeting and state minster of MOLSA, H.E TadelechDalecho, delivered opening speech witnessing EEPNA’s institutional strength and remarkable transition over the past years. Through here speech she appreciated EEPNA and its funding partners for the successful and outstanding actions undertaken mainly on intergenerational knowledge transfer, policy influencing campaigns and lobby efforts, actions made on strengthening older People Association all over the country and partnership EEPNA developed with different institutions, sector offices and media. Finally she ensured MOLSA’s commitment to continue working with and supporting EEPNA with all needed at all level.

Following the welcome speech by EEPNA Board president, AbbaMudaAbebeHailu, and the opening speech of the state MinisterTadelechDalecho; different annual reports, 2017 annual plan, External Audit report and election of new Board member made with discussions, suggestion-comments, question and answer and briefings were presented per program developed. The 2016 annual report/ 2017 plan, Over existing project all EU funded project of Board, the overallsecretariat office and control committee presented and approved by General Assembly after details of discussions and comments made. Moreover the 2016 Audit report is also presented by authorized external auditors. Photo exhibition that display EEPNA’s key progress with picture was also part of the program visited by participants.

Replacing resigned and underperforming Board members in a one year performance review of the EEPNA Board, three new board members (1 older women) were also elected from represented 3 Regions (Addis Ababa, Amhara and SNNP) based on their Educational background, leadership skill and experience, individual commitmentand volunteer service exposure. The newly elected board member will part of the last year elected who together make 11 EEPNA Board Member responsible for overall leadership and Management of EEPNA under the general Assembly. Generally the meeting was successful in attaining its objectives and moreover such annual meetings are key requirements to strengthen leadership of the organization and ensure institutional accountability and governance.


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